Getting Started Guide

This guide will help you learn the basics of Intellameet so let's get you started.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a meeting and invite people to it
  • Add contacts manually or import from PC and Cloud
  • Join a meeting and use the tools to carry out effective online collaboration
  • Manage meetings and webinars you own and invited to by others

We recommend you download the mobile apps to create, manage and join meetings on the go

Let’s get started…!

Creating a Meeting or Webinar

Intellameet allows two types of online sessions to be created. One is a meeting for the purpose of online real time communication and collaboration between 2 to 20 participants. The other is a webinar for online training or seminar where there is one principal presenter and a multitude of attendees or viewers.

Adding a New Meeting

Adding a new Meeting is as simple as clicking the link “Add meeting” on the Meetings page.

  1. Click the Add meeting link
  2. Fill in some basic details in the dialog that opens. Note that required fields are marked with a red asterisk *
  3. Select the Security option
    • Open - Public meeting that anyone can join as long as they have the meeting URL
    • Master Password - The meeting requires a password to be entered in order to join
    • Invited Users - Unique access credentials are generated for each invited user, this is the most secure type of meeting as long as access details are not shared

Adding a New Webinar

Adding a new Webinar is exactly the same as adding a meeting. The only difference is the option available to the webinar host to include or omit tools such as Files, Whiteboard, Textpads and Q&A for the webinar session being created.

Adding and Managing Contacts

The Contacts page in Intellameet gives you two categories of people.

  • Team
  • Other contacts

Your team are the people you invite to your Intellameet account as users or developers that can create and manage meetings on behalf of your organisation as well as create and manage apps for building custom solutions around the Intellameet Platform.

Adding a New Contact

You can manually add a new contact by clicking the ‘Add contact’ link at the top of the contact page.

Click the ‘Add contact’ link and you will see a dialog where you can enter some very basic details to create a new contact. You can upload an image of your contact to put a face to the name and press ‘OK’ to save the new contact. Once saved this contact will be available next time you want to invite this person to a meeting or webinar from web or mobile.

Importing Contacts

You can import contacts from PC or Cloud. Intellameet currently only supports import from Google but we plan to add connectors to more cloud services such as LinkedIn, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Facebook etc.

Join a Meeting or Webinar

You can join a meeting one of the many ways described

  1. Click the Join meeting link from web portal
  2. Tap the Meeting name in the history view of the Mobile app
  3. Join a meeting by entering the Meeting code from Mobile
  4. Click or Tap the meeting link from the email invitation
  5. Click or Tap the meeting URL shared in chat or email

Joining a meeting from the web portal is as easy as clicking the ‘Join meeting’ link in the details pane for a selected meeting or webinar.

On click of the Join meeting link you will be taken to the Join Meeting landing page where you will be presented the opportunity to add your Display name. If you are logged into Intellameet then your name will be prefilled and it’s just a matter of pressing the Join Meeting button to enter the live meeting room.

If you are using the Mobile app then Tap the meeting name from the meeting list and you will be taken to the live meeting room.

To join a new meeting from mobile, tap the + button and select the "Add existing meeting …" option from menu. You will be presented with a dialog asking for meeting ID or short code. Add this code and tap the "JOIN MEETING" button to enter the live meeting room.

Manage Meetings and Webinars

Intellameet allows account holders and team members to manage meetings created as well as meetings attended via external invitations from other intellameet users.

Edit Meeting or Webinar

You can only edit meetings or webinars that you create or your team members create and you have permission to edit. You can edit a meeting by clicking the Edit icon at the top or the link at the bottom of details.

On clicking the Edit option you will be presented with a dialog to update the meeting name, description and security settings.

Embed a Meeting/Webinar Button

A meeting or webinar can be added to your website, email, blog or portal by generating an html button that can easily be added by copying and pasting the code generated.

To create this button click the Embed button icon at the top in details pane.

This will open a dialog from where you can enter text for the button label, set the button color then copy the code generated to paste into your HTML email, website page or blog to make it available for others to use.

Inviting Users to Meeting or Webinar

You can invite people to a meeting or webinar by clicking the Invite icon at the top of the details pane of a meeting or webinar.

You will be presented with a dialog where you can enter an email address of a person you want to invite. If this person is not in contacts then on press of the Enter key the email address will be added to the invitee list. If you have an active contacts directory then you can simply add the contact from the contacts list on the left to the invitees list on the right. On press of OK button all invitees will be sent an email invitation with details to your meeting or webinar.