Collaborate Now with Intellameet.

Intellameet was Named 2017 WebRTC Product of the Year!

Collaborate Now - No Sign In Required

Forget the extra time it needs to input your login information. Intellameet lets you collaborate one link away

Everything You Need in One Place

Whatever Files you have, be it Word Documents, Powerpoint, PDF, even Google Docs., you can easily store and access them in one place

A Virtual Collaborative Workspace

Want a "Virtual Building" where teams can communicate and collaborate regardless of geographical location?

Intellameet is the Perfect Space for this

Keep Everyone in the Loop with Intellameet

Intellameet is a great tool for keeping meeting notes and agenda

It can also record a video meeting for those who couldn't attend

Want To stay informed and feel connected to your work? All you have to do is go on Intellameet

Build Trust and Connection with Intellameet

Easily check in with remote workers face-to-face

Increase productivity with Intellameet's video conferencing, notepads, and file management features


Best Value with All Necessary Features

Pro Plan
  • Includes 100 Participants
  • Simultaneous Note Taking
  • Simultaneous Whiteboard
  • GSuite Integration (edit Google Sheets, Docs, Slides together)
  • Cloud Video Recording - up to 50MB
  • Per User Monthly Limit of 10,000 User Minutes
Team Plan
  • Includes 100 Participants
  • All Pro Features +
  • Cloud Video Recording - up to 1GB
Enterprise Plan
  • Includes 300 Participants
  • All Pro Features +

*Requires Minimum of 3 Months and upfront payment. For a pro monthly plan, it would be $10 USD per/mo. Fro a team monthly plan, it would be $50 USD per/mo

*For Both Plans, $10 USD per/mo after 8 months