Instant & hassle free online conference and collaboration.

All-in-one online meeting that is simple, secure, and works both in a standard browser and on mobile.

The best video and voice quality

Built with WebRTC - the leading real communication industry standard supported by a huge number of devices. Latest codecs make participants' videos sharp, smooth and jitter-free. You will love Intellameet voice quality. Your meetings can also be recorded.

Meeting button on your website or app

Engage your customers and clients right from your portal. Copy and paste the simple code for the button generated for your meeting to add it to your site.

More advanced developers can integrate into web application using the PHP client library as well as mobile native apps using the Android and iOS library.

Collaborative notepad and whiteboard

Write, share, and edit together across multiple textpads; all within a meeting. Keep ideas flowing and compose with built-in formatting options. Rewind to see progression of ideas over time.

Sketch and draw to bring your ideas to form on a blank canvas. Supports colors, brush sizes, shapes, arrows, images and text.

Files, documents, media

Upload various types of files and view them within the meeting. Make pushpin comments and reply in-line. Embed and watch YouTube, Video or SlideShare content.

Customize at all levels

Using our simple styling implementation, you can change how your meetings look in less than a minute! Because branding makes a lasting impression, and everyone loves different colors.

Service Multiple Use Cases

Create communication and collaborative solutions across many industries such as healthcare, customer services, financial services, education, field services and more.

Enable multi-party calls for team collaboration, virtual classrooms and more.

Create real-time video chat solutions for co-authoring, co-design, or co-review of creative tasks.

Power interactive broadcast scenarios for seminars, webinars and large media events.

Integrate into website or portal to provide interactive real-time sales and marketing of products, services and events.


Billing couldn’t be simpler with Intellameet. Choose a plan that offers meeting minutes and storage to suit your needs. We have bolt on packs to extend your usage depending on how fast you use up your allocated quota on minutes and storage per tier.

  • 5 users
  • up to 20 meeting participants
  • up to 50 webinar participants
  • 1 GB storage
  • 5000 minutes
  • 5 API applications
  • 50 users
  • up to 20 meeting participants
  • up to 50 webinar participants
  • 5 GB storage
  • 10000 minutes
  • 50 API applications
Contact us for enterprise packages.
Bolt Ons
  • 1,000 extra minutes - $10
  • 5,000 extra minutes - $25
  • 10,000 extra minutes - $40
  • 50 GB extra strorage - $2/month
  • 250 GB extra storage - $5/month
  • 1 TB extra storage - $15/month