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Frequently asked questions

BETA Trial

What is BETA Trial?

Intellameet is in BETA release and while under this programme we are offering all viewers FREE subscription at the standard plan. As long as the BETA programme is running your subscription will remain free. All we request is your honest feedback and bug reports so we can tweak and tune the service to perfection with your support.

What happens when BETA trial ends?

When we are ready to end the BETA programme we will inform you via email so you can set up billing for the plan you are on to continue using Intellameet. You are under no obligation to remain on the pre-selected plan when signed up to BETA trial. You can go down to the basic plan or upgrade to a higher one depending on your needs and budget.

Privacy and Security

Do I need to worry about privacy of my email address and details I have shared to register?

No your email and other details registered with us are completely secure and private. We do not share this info with anyone.

Are my payment details such as credit card and other details safe?

Intellameet does not store any credit card or paypal subscription details on our server. We work with our billing partner that securely maintains all records with highest level of encryption and server security.

How secure are files and content uploaded to Intellameet?

Intellameet stores all content shared in a meeting space with AES encryption so it’s not viewable by anyone in Intellameet even if we wanted to. However the security of access to your meeting space depends on how secure you make it when embedded in your website or application.

Plans and Billing

What does free trial give me?

When you sign up you are allowed 30 days free trial to Intellameet. This is at the basic plan so you will get meeting minutes, storage and application limits matching that plan.

How will I be billed if I choose to continue beyond the trial period?

We will charge your preferred payment method monthly and you can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time!

My usage requirements will be pretty high and I don’t see a plan that matches it, what do you I do?

Please contact with your requirements and we can put together a custom plan for you.

Minutes and Storage

What are meeting minutes and applications in a price plan?

Minutes are the call time you and each participant take up when in a joint call. These add up and get deducted from the total minutes allocated to your account based on the plan you are subscribed to. Each plan comes with its own storage quota and gets used up when files are uploaded to meetings and notes and whiteboards are created.

What if I go over the limit in terms of minutes allotted?

Before you exceed your allotted minutes, we'll send you a few email alerts letting you know you're approaching your plan allotment, and also the projected minutes total. If you have the over bill option set in billing then you will be able to continue service beyond your allotted minutes otherwise your service will stop until the next bill cycle when your minutes will reset.

What if I go over the storage limit allocated?

Before you exceed your allocated storage space, we'll send you a few email alerts letting you know you're approaching your maximum storage limit. If you exceed the storage limit you will not be allowed to upload any new files or documents unless you clean up to free up storage space. You can upgrade to a higher plan if you want to increase storage or contact to go to a custom plan that suits your needs better.